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Nov 25 2011
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At LuiRE Studios, our main focus is on portraits. More specifically, we love candid portraits that really show a more personal side to every model. These pictures will complement typical studio shots to give a comprehensive portfolio. <br /><br />In addition, we love fun and artistic side projects that makes photography interesting and creative. <br /><br />If you like our work, please "Like" our Facebook Page: <br />Facebook: … 8764726484 <br /><br />======================================= <br /><br />We are currently recruiting for four projects: <br /><br />I) CANDID PORTRAITS - Our core project. <br /><br />II) LADIES OF HEMINGWAY - To capture the essence of the many fascinating women in Hemingway's novels. <br /><br />III) RAIN PORTRAITS - Rain is often the nemesis to photographers, but I will embrace it. We will shoot when it's pouring outside. You have to be ... a bit crazy to be able to do this. You will be soaking wet and cold. It won't be comfortable, but will be worth it. <br /><br />IV) CITY NIGHTLIFE - We're going to take advantage of the amazing Toronto lights at night to capture lifestyle shots. This is a great shoot for all you nightowls. Amazing opportunity to experiment with night photography. <br /><br />======================================= <br /><br /><br />We are always open to working with other talented artists! <br /><br />Good Luck and Cheers! <br />Frank Wang <br />Director, Chief Photographer <br />LuiRE Studios <br /> <br />email:

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Candids, B&W, Natural Lighting, Panoramas.

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